Fines & Court Costs

The total due on your citation consists of a fine amount set by the Judge (which can change without notice at the discretion of the judge) and Court costs mandated by State law. The judgment and sentence for the offense you are charged is the payment of the fine and costs. If ordered to pay a fine and cost, and you cannot pay, notify the court immediately. If you are determined by the court to have insufficient resources or income to pay, the court is required to provide you other ways to discharge the fine and costs.

  1. Alcohol & Tobacco by Minor
  2. City Ordinance Enforcement
  3. Criminal / Penal
  4. Driver's License - Regular
  5. Driver's License - Commercial
  6. Education
  7. Health & Safety Code
Attempt to Purchase Alcohol by Minor
Consumption of Alcohol by Minor
Driving Under Influence of Alcohol by Minor
Misrepresentation of Age by Minor for Alcohol
Possess/Purchase/Consume/Accept Tobacco by Minor
Possession of Alcohol by Minor
Purchase of Alcohol by Minor
  1. Inspection / Insurance / Etc.
  2. Motorcycle
  3. Parking
  4. Seatbelt
  5. Speeding
  6. Speeding in a School Zone
  7. Transportation
  8. Trophy Club Park

Inspection / Insurance / License Plate / Registration

Display Altered Inspection Sticker$267
Fail to Display or Expired Inspection Certificate$157
Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility$334
License Plate-Display Expired Registration/License Plates$124
License Plate-Fail to Display Registration$104
License Plate-Display Unclean/Obscured License Plate$144
License Plate-Display Wrong License Plates-Nonfictitious$234
License Plate-Operate Unregistered Vehicle$159
License Plate-Operate Vehicle With Wrong License Plate-Nonfictitious$234
License Plate-Operate Vehicle with 1 or No License Plates$104