In 2007 the Town of Trophy Club created the first municipally bonded Public Improvement District (PID) in the State of Texas. The Trophy Club PID is a unique district that is based on special assessments that fund development needs, such as installing public infrastructure. The Highlands development is the Trophy Club PID. 

PID Administrator

For questions concerning the PID, please call:
Tara Nathan, Senior Analyst
David Taussig & Associates, Inc.
5000 Birch Street, Suite 6000
Newport Beach, CA 92660

PID Assessments & Surcharge

PID Assessments are payments made to cover the costs associated with improvements and services in the District. There are 2 types of assessments in The Town of Trophy Club Public Improvement District #1 (The Highlands at Trophy Club).

  1. The first type of assessment is a fixed assessment that is allocated to each lot located within the District to pay for improvements that provide a special benefit to the properties within the District.
  2. The second type of assessment is an annual emergency services assessment that pays the District's proportionate share of fire services to the District. Fire Services are operated by the Trophy Club Municipal Utility District No. 1 (TC MUD 1), and in order for all residents to pay an equal share, fire service costs are an assessment for residents who live in the PID, but are folded into the TC MUD 1 tax for residents who live in the MUD District.
  3. Effective October 1, 2015, a monthly surcharge (Annual Capital Improvements and Maintenance Charge) was added to PID residents monthly utility bills in order to pay the PID portion of TC MUD 1 operations and maintenance budget, as well as anticipated new debt for infrastructure improvements. The surcharge is recalculated annually and the Calendar Year 2018 fee is $11.80 per connection, per month.

 Assessment By Lot Type

Lot Types
Total Remaining Assessment
Annual Installation
Lot Type 1
Lot Type 2
Lot Type 3
Lot Type 4
Lot Type 5

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