Citizens Police Academy
2018 Class; January — October | Most classes held on Thursdays | Application due by January 22

The Citizens Police Academy is held as often as staffing and citizen interest permits. This class consists of 10 classes, one class per month, for 10 months and is intended to provide information to residents and business leaders about the Trophy Club style of Community Policing. The class also helps dispel myths as to what the police can and cannot do with an emphasis on the capabilities of the Trophy Club Police Department.

Interested parties should contact our Community Service Officer by email or by phone at 682.237.2968. Only residents or local business owners or employees are eligible to attend.

Due to the nature of the material that is presented in class, a background investigation is conducted on each applicant. Persons who have ever been convicted of a Class B Misdemeanor or greater are not eligible to attend.

To apply for the Citizen’s Police Academy, please complete the application and email it to Officer Scott Voigt. There is no cost to attend this course. Watch the website and facebook for information about upcoming Citizen Police Academy classes.

If you have questions about the application or academy, please contact TCPD at 682.237.2968.

Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) Course

We hope to offer this course again soon. Stay tuned.

Vacation Watch / Close Patrol

Request a Patrol

Regardless of whether you are going on an extended vacation, just leaving for the weekend, or have a concern about the security of your home, you can request a Close Patrol on your residence or business. Upon receipt of your Close Patrol Form, it is entered into our computers and officers will make a special effort to drive by and observe your residence or business several times a day. You may complete and submit the online form or come by the Police Department and pick up and submit a physical form. We have found a variety of issues at homes on Close Patrol that could have caused significant concerns if left unattended for very long so we encourage everyone to use this service.


Fingerprinting is a service provided by the Police Department on Monday and Wednesday afternoons between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. No appointment is necessary.The cost is $10 per card and the applicant will need to provide the fingerprint card(s) and Driver License or government issued ID for identification purposes. Please allow sufficient time for this service, so we can call a patrol officer in if no one is immediately available.

Bicycle Registration

Bicycle registration is a program that can reduce theft or help us recover your bicycle if it is lost or stolen. We make this program available to all residents and encourage you to use it. There is no cost for the bicycle registration program.

Records Check

The Police Department can provide a report of any involvements a person may have had in Trophy Club. This is not a substitute for a complete criminal history that is available from the Texas Department of Public Safety but covers only a person’s history in Trophy Club. If you find yourself in need of this sort of letter or report, please contact the PD.

Police Chaplain Program

In partnership with faith-based organizations, several of the local pastors serve in the Chaplain Program to assist the Police and Fire Departments in handling traumatic events. On a number of occasions, Chaplains have assisted the emergency first responders by providing their unique abilities in these situations. The level of their involvement, in any event, is left up to those who may need these services and it is not mandatory. It is one of our efforts to provide comfort to victims and survivors of traumatic events.

Fraud Alerts

Fraud alerts will be posted frequently on our homepage and in other social media venues. For the most current fraud alerts, you can click on this link.

Home and Business Security Inspections

Our Crime Prevention and Community Service Officer is trained and certified to conduct home and business security inspections. These inspections will give you the information you need to make your home or business more secure and reduce the possibility that you will become a victim. You may contact our CP/CSO to set an appointment or call the Police Department during normal business hours at 682.237.2968 to make arrangements for him to visit you. There is no charge for this service.