There are three, double-sided digital marquees located at the main entrances to Trophy Club off State Highway 114: Trophy Lake Drive, Trophy Club Drive and Trophy Wood Drive. The marquees are 10+ years old and frequently freeze and/or malfunction, therefore messages are not guaranteed to run appropriately.

All information submitted for consideration is subject to approval and must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Town information is first priority
  • Information received must be non profit (501 status) / cannot reflect a monetary gain
  • Information must be submitted four business days prior to your posting request date
  • Town, MUD, School, County, Philanthropic/Public Benefit and Community Related Information Only
  • A request must be submitted for each media posting
  • Limited to 4 lines with 11 characters (including spaces) on each line maximum
  • Postings run for five business days
  • The Town cannot guarantee information will be posted on date requested
  • If the schedule for the Town/Mud is heavy, request may not be posted at all
  • Requests are dated when received and posted on the marquees on a first-come first-serve basis
  • For Profit businesses may submit information using the Social Media portal to be placed on the Facebook event calendar

Information to be posted*
Limited to a maximum of 4 lines with 11 characters (including spaces) per line.

*Required information