The Animal Shelter Advisory Board is charged with working with staff to set standards for the town's animal shelter and the care of animals, and to provide periodic reports to the Texas Department of Health.

The board consists of five people who shall serve for a period of one year. The terms of office commence on October 1 of each year and board appointments will occur in accordance with the town’s annual appointment process for all town boards, commissions and corporations. The advisory board must meet at least three times annually and must be comprised of at least one (1) licensed veterinarian, one (1) county or municipal official, one (1) person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter, one (1) representative from an animal welfare organization, and one (1) resident of the Town.


Susan Edstrom — Chair
Kelly Akin, ACO — Animal Shelter Operations
Camille Barclay — Animal Welfare Organization Representative
Dr. Bruce Fusselman D.V.M. — Veterinarian
Sgt. Tony Simmons — Municipal Official
Pamela Swan — Resident
Philip Shoffner — Council Liaison

The Chief of Police is the staff liaison to the board. Please contact the staff liaison with comments or questions.

All Boards and Commissions are composed of several residents and a staff liaison.