The Building Standards Commission hears and determines cases concerning alleged violations of Ordinances regulating buildings and structures.  The Commission is tasked with determining whether buildings and structures within the Town meet minimum building, fire, floodplain, and related code requirements.  The Commission also orders appropriate remedial actions, has the authority to impose civil penalties as allowed by law, and provides review of administrative decisions in addition to other functions authorized by the ordinance.

The Commission Consists of five (5) regular members appointed by the Town Council and up to eight (8) alternate members. Cases must be heard by at least four (4) members, either regular or alternate. To the extent possible members of the Commission should be qualified in one (1) or more of the fields of fire prevention, building construction, sanitation, plumbing, electricity, mechanical systems, engineering, architecture or public health. Members serve two year, staggered terms. Commission meetings are held as necessary.

Building Standards Commission Members:

Peter Blanchard — Chairperson
Sean Cannon — Member
Mark Hamil — Member
John Murtaugh —  Member
Jeff Sims — Member
Jack Ormond — Alternate

Town Planner Lisa Payne serves as the Commission’s staff liaison, please contact the staff liaison with comments or questions.