The mission of the Trophy Club Economic Development Corporation 4B (EDC 4B) is to promote economic development within the Town and the State of Texas in order to eliminate unemployment and under employment, and to promote and encourage employment and the public welfare of, for, and on behalf of the town by undertaking, developing, providing, and financing projects under the Economic Development Act and as defined in Section 4B of the Act.

EDC 4B is responsible for designing a strategy each year for the expenditure of the 1/2% sales and use tax receipts received by Trophy Club. These taxes may be used for the purposes defined in Section B of Article 5190.6, V.T.C.S., of the Development of the Town of Trophy Club as defined in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The strategy, along with an implementation and an oversight plan, is presented to the Town Council, Town of Trophy Club by August 1 of each year. The EDC 4B is established by the Economic Development Act. Its members are appointed by the Town Council.

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EDC 4B meets at 7:00 p.m. on the 1st Monday of each month at 1 Trophy Wood Drive. The agenda is posted on the bulletin board at Trophy Club Town Hall 72 hours in advance of the meeting.

Economic Development Corporation 4B Members:

Sean Bone — President
Cory McDonald — Vice President
Michael Richmond — Secretary/Treasurer
John Nordberg — Director
Travis Inge — Director
Jared Hall — Director
Chris Whipple — Director
Rhylan Rowe — Council Liaison

Director of Administrative and Financial Services Jonathan Phillips serves as the Corporation’s staff liaison, please contact the staff liaison with comments or questions.