The Board exists to allow residents to play a more active role and to provide direct citizen input to the Parks and Recreation Director for the development of parks and recreational facilities with the Town.


  • advisory capacity to council
  • advisory capacity to parks and recreation director
  • study and development of recreation areas
  • advise and recommend the development of long-range capital improvement programs
  • cooperate with other governmental agencies, civic organizations and all citizens of the Town in the advancement of sound parks and recreation planning and programming
  • recommend to Town Council amendments to the Parks and Recreation Ordinance
  • annual reports to Town Council
  • review and recommend proposed budget for the parks and recreation department
  • adopt and recommend additional rules to Council as necessary


  • recommend standards for areas, facilities, programs and financial support
  • review the master planning guide and become familiar with such plan
  • solicit grants
  • develop and recommend written policies and procedures to Town Council

The Parks and Recreation Board usually meets the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Svore Municipal Building Boardroom. Check website for further details on meeting dates and times.


Tiffany Nimphius — Chair
Mindi Bone — Vice Chair
Dean Murray — Secretary
Earl Bilbrey — Board Member
Darin Davis  — Board Member
Kim Farrell — Board Member
Jacob Gibson — Board Member
Philip Shoffner — Council Liaison

Please contact the staff liaison with comments or questions.

All Boards and Commissions are composed of several residents and a staff liaison.