In August 2014 the Town Council amended Chapter 10, Article IV (Public Safety: Peddlers and Solicitors) of the Code of Ordinances and added a section titled “Do-Not-Solicit/No-Knock List”, which allows residents to add or remove their home address to a Do-Not-Solicit/No-Knock List. The list is then provided to persons receiving a Town of Trophy Club Solicitor’s Permit and the solicitor is asked to avoid homes on the list. In order to fully enforce the ordinance, residents wishing to not allow solicitors to approach their front door must not only register their address on the Do-Not-Solicit/No-Knock List, but also have a sign posted prohibiting Solicitation.

In order to satisfy the sign requirement portion of the ordinance, Town Staff began working with TCEVA to develop a No Solicitation Sign Program where the non-profit organization would sell Town of Trophy Club ‘No Solicitation’ signs as a fundraiser. The funding generated by sign sales would benefit TCEVA through emergency services volunteer based community initiatives, such as purchasing reflective vests, traffic control devices (cones/lighted hand wands), rehab equipment, etc. The Town Council approved funding for the signs in January 2015 and Trophy Club now has official ‘No Soliciting” signs for sale.

Three sign options available:

  • Stamped Aluminum Sign on 24” Stake ---> $20
  • Stamped Aluminum Sign for Wall Mount ---> $15
  • Removable Adhesive Window Decal ---> $5

Signs may be purchased online.

The signs are 9” x 6” durable .024” embossed aluminum with a two-color design. Window decals are 4” x 4” and affix with removable adhesive.

Purchase ‘No Solicitation” Sign

Signs may be purchased online. If you have questions or need to pay with cash or check, please email TCEVA at