Town Now an Official Public Water System (PWS) Designee

Posted by April Reiling on Aug 14, 2013
Tags: Community, Government, Town News, Water, Transparency

In July, 2013 the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) informed the Town that a separate Public Water System (PWS) designation, specifically for the Public Improvement District (PID), was required.  The appropriate application was submitted and approved, and the PID is now a recognized PWS registered with TCEQ.  Subsequently, TCEQ sent a letter to the Town on August 8, 2013 noting alleged violations in regards to the PID’s water supply system. TCEQ has requested several documents from the Town in order to demonstrate compliance with the alleged violations, some which have already been resolved. Below is a breakdown of what TCEQ is requesting and the subsequent action taken by the Town:

  1. Failure to submit ‘as-built’ plans of the water distribution system in the PID.  The Town has until November 6, 2013 to submit all of the final engineering plans for the utility infrastructure in the PID. Town staff has begun consolidating all of these plans and will submit them to TCEQ as soon as all plans are collected.
  2. Failure to submit modifications to the Elevated Water Storage Tower (behind BNHS) design.  The Town has already submitted the Elevated Water Storage Tower plans with the minor modifications identified.
  3. Failure to provide written notification of the start up of a new Public Water System (PWS).  The Town has already taken corrective action and has been assigned a PWS number.  Town staff has met with TC MUD 1 to start requisite sampling and reporting requirements to TCEQ for this new PWS, effective in September.
  4. 4. Failure to notify TCEQ upon completion of all work (Elevated Water Storage Tank).   Jacobs Engineering has submitted the requisite documentation and this issue has been resolved.

The Town is working to resolve the outstanding issues regarding the PID PWS. These violations will be resolved with TCEQ approval and the Town will continue to work with TC MUD1 to properly operate and maintain the PWS in the PID to ensure compliance with all TCEQ rules and regulations.