Trophy Club Officials Vow to Work Together, Resolve Local Government Challenges

Posted by April Reiling on Nov 08, 2013
Tags: Community, Government, Government Consolidation, Town News, Transparency, Water

Positive dialogue and forward progress between the Trophy Club Town Council and Trophy Club Municipal Utility District No. 1 (TC MUD 1) elected officials marks a progressive step toward an amicable resolution for the future of Trophy Club local governance and a long term utility contract between TC MUD1 and the Town for service to the PID (Public Improvement District). Trophy Club elected officials have vowed to work as partners in an effort to bring the community together in regards to the Town and TC MUD 1 governments, with a promise to look toward the future and jointly develop  the best solution for Trophy Club residents long term.

“The ball is rolling and the Council is fully committed to working with the TC MUD 1 Board of Directors and staff to develop a plan for the future,” said Mayor Connie White.  “Progress has already been made and my hope is that a resolution comes sooner than later.”

Jim Moss, President of TCMUD1 Board of Directors said, “The TCMUD1 Board of Directors is excited to work with the Town Council to finalize an agreement that will ensure all residents of Trophy Club continue to receive the high quality water and wastewater services that they have enjoyed for over 30 years.  The Board and staff of TCMUD1 will continue to look out for the best interest of our customers and look forward to serving them for many years to come.”

Trophy Club is ‘A Great Place to Call Home’, where residents enjoy manicured medians and parks, excellent schools, beautiful home options, clean drinking water, safe neighborhoods and a strong community spirit rooted in volunteerism and love for the town. The Town government and TC MUD 1 work to provide excellent services to the residents and promise to uphold the Trophy Club tag line, ‘A Great Place to Call Home’, both now, and in the future.


Connie White
Trophy Club Town Council                                                        

Jim Moss
TC MUD 1 Board of Directors