2015 Citizen of the Year Nominees & Recipients

Posted by April Reiling on Apr 27, 2016
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At the Council meeting on April 26th, the Town Council announced and recognized six Trophy Club residents who were nominated by peers in the community for the 2015 Citizen of the Year honor. All six nominees had outstanding volunteer backgrounds and make huge impacts on the community, schools, neighborhoods and various organizations they serve. Congratulations to all nominees — we are so proud to have such fantastic citizens in Trophy Club!

Adult Nominees
Kelly Castonguay — Recipient
Matt Tibbits
Lou Hocker

Youth Nominees
Braely Krautsch
Ryleigh Murray
Scott Hoppes — Recipient

Congratulations to 2015 Adult & Youth Citizens of the Year:
Kelly Castonguay & Scott Hoppes!

Adult Nominees

Matt Tibbits – has lived in TC over 10 years
Matt has been a volunteer benefiting Trophy club for many years, putting in countless hours benefitting children, parents and families. He serves as the President of the local recreational soccer association (GNWSA), and has worked to provide the youth of Trophy club a valuable and fun soccer program. He has coached, served on the board and over the last few years been the president of the association. He works with the town to ensure fields are in the best shape possible. He works with the volunteer coaches helping them learn how to be great coaches. He works with the referees by providing guidance and direction. He shows up at the fields almost every day getting the fields ready for games and hosting practices or assisting other coaches. In this role he is a representative of Trophy Club among the other cities in the DFW area. Matt does all this while raising his children, caring for his wife during sickness and working two jobs over many years. Matt has always been willing to go out of his way to help whenever asked. He will drop what he is doing without mentioning the inconvenience.

Lou Hocker – has lived in TC 13 years
Lou annually puts in a few hundred hours as a volunteer. Many times my family and I have driven through Trophy Club park and have seen Mr. Hocker hauling bags of trash and debris that he has personally cleaned up. He clears brush, trees, etc. to keep the parks and trails looking nice. He is at the park year-round working extremely hard doing (many times back-breaking) volunteer work.

He was also instrumental in helping to organize the clean-up of Trophy Club Park which helped the Town obtain its match with FEMA. Lou has served for 6 years on Park Board and is also on the Trophy Club Park Sub-Committee. This alone is a major time commitment. He will consistently volunteer for any jobs or tasks whether it be Park related or not. Lou is an ambassador of goodwill to everyone he interacts with and represents the Town well. I was always so impressed with his dedication when I served with him.

Lou has distinguished himself as a person who is deeply committed to making Trophy Club Park, the P&R department, and the Town a better place to volunteer. Lou’s efforts are guided by a desire to promote volunteering which has ultimately improved the park’s operations and cleanliness.  It’s very difficult to list all the activities he’s been involved with over the years since he’s been involved with so many.  In 2012, Lou worked tirelessly to assist in developing Trophy Club Park’s trail system. He volunteered hundreds and hundreds of hours cleaning trails, constructing water crossings, and meeting with staff. In 2014, Lou became the Town’s volunteer liaison for Eagle Scout projects. Since 2014, 8 projects have been completed. Projects include; the construction of critter proof trash cans, disc golf signs, an outdoor classroom, a boardwalk, trail crossing signs, and building improvements. Lou’s strong commitment to these projects have positively impacted the park, which has led to an overwhelming amount of project requests from Eagle Scouts. In 2015, Trophy Club Park received a record amount of rain which in turn led to severe flooding. Over 90% of the park was affected. As the water began to recede, Lou was instrumental in leading initiatives to restore the park. Lou led multiple volunteer cleanups and also assisted staff with documenting flood damage required by FEMA. Lou is a willing, intentional volunteer who gives with all his heart to Trophy Club Park and the community.

The 2015 Adult Citizen of the Year RECIPIENT:

Kelly Castonguay – lived in TC for 13 years

Kelly works tirelessly for the community, volunteering time and great effort to make our town better. She is an incredibly dedicated Trophy Club citizen who works every day to make Trophy Club a better place to live.

Kelly devotes many hours of her personal time volunteering to help Trophy Club
remain a welcoming and beautiful community for all of us who live here. In the two years that I have known her, Kelly has been involved in several community projects.  She volunteered to be a member of Trophy Club’s 30th Birthday Committee for the year of 2015, and she regularly attended the weekly and biweekly Monday night meetings. In conjunction with this committee, Kelly spent countless hours preparing for and volunteering at the Foundation Dinner in January, the Eggstravaganza in March, the 4th parade in July, the Fall Festival in October, and the Christmas celebration in December.

 In addition, Kelly volunteered to be a member of the 4th of July parade committee (which worked independently of the 30th committee), and met once a month with the parade committee from February to July. She showed up at Byron Nelson by 5 am and played an integral role in every step of the parade, from registering runners for the 5K, to cheering on every runner as he/she crossed the finish line, to organizing the floats as they prepared to enter the parade, to walking in the parade, to helping with the clean up after the parade. In addition, she took the lead on flag planting for several of Trophy Club’s streets to help support the Stars and Stripes committee.

Not one to shy away from freezing cold weather or unbearably hot weather, Kelly volunteered to sell tickets and t-shirts for a variety of events by sitting outside of Starbucks no matter the weather. She was such an integral part of the 4th of July committee that she is now serving as a co-chair on this year’s 4th committee. She is also an extremely active volunteer with Snowball Express, a wonderful charity that supports children who have had a parent die while on active duty in the military.

Kelly inspires service, and several people, have volunteered their time once Kelly informed us of an opportunity. In addition to her major work on these committees, Kelly continues to show up and support a wide variety of Trophy Club activities. For example, she has spent Saturday mornings cleaning up the Veterans’ Memorial, she has shared breakfast with Trophy Club veterans, she has shown up for the Medal of Honor motorcade in the past two years, she has supported the Women’s Club, she is an active member of the Trophy Club kickball league, and she has most recently joined the Trophy Club bocce ball league.

There are very few people who have spirits as generous and kind as Kelly. She loves Trophy Club, and she is always around with a smile on her face, ready to help out where she can and to cheer on those who work around her. Never one to seek the spotlight herself, she has done all this to help our community, and people like Kelly help make our town great.

Youth Nominees

Ryleigh Murray – 8 years old
Ryleigh seems to everyone as a typical 8 year old girl however she was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD) where her right ventricle never developed and her major arteries were transposed needing 3 major surgeries beginning at 7 days old to re-route her blood flow. She fights everyday to keep up with others whether it's in school, dance or on the soccer field. She doesn't let this stop her though. You couldn't meet a more compassionate girl who befriends all. She loves to dance and play with her toys and to help others. She was in Girls on the Run and was even able to run a 5k in an impressive 54 minutes. During practice she would go back and encourage others struggling, showing her compassion. One thing she does to improve awareness of CHD is to talk at events. She's spoken at health fairs including the one at Texas Motor Speedway. She works with her friends and family to get donations to provide to parents of children in the hospital at Medical City Dallas Children's Hospital. She promotes the Jump Rope for Heart by collecting a large number of donations year after year.

Braely Krautsch – 13 years old
From a very early age, Braeley has embraced other’s differences showing compassion and a heart for helping others in need. When Braeley moved to Trophy Club in 4th grade, she shared her kindness and compassion with the students in Lakeview Elementary School’s Structured Learning Classroom which includes students with severe physical and mental disabilities. She was instrumental in helping her school counselor implement a peer buddy program at Lakeview. Bobcat Buddies is a program designed to pair general education students with the SLC students. Even after Braeley moved on to middle school, the program continued to thrive and eventually was named as a 2015 Promising Practice award winner by Character.org.

Braeley has continued to show her true colors and passion by teaching and coaching individuals with special needs. One of the non-profit organizations that she is involved in is Super Kids. This organization is a league for the mentally and/or physically challenged children and adults that offers basketball, baseball, football, and cheerleading. Braeley coaches adults between the ages of 18-50 with varying disabilities within this organization. She teaches them cheer, dance, and sidelines.

Braeley is also involved with her own competitive cheer squad, Champions All Stars, but still manages to volunteer her time within this organization. She assists with the non-competitive team of athletes with an intellectual disability and/or physical disability ranging in ages from 6-30. This year alone she assisted them in 8 competitions. She is also helping the Leadership Team, a class offered through Champions, by teaching others the skills to be a leader.

Braeley also volunteers her time helping her mother, a NISD Special Education teacher, and also with the annual Grand Ball at Byron Nelson High School. You will find her organizing, decorating, and helping at the big event for our Special Education students, but more importantly you will see her out there dancing right along with the students!

Braeley is one of those students who has never met a stranger. She is the first to flash you her smile and a big hello when you enter the building. She is always very welcoming to new students to our school. Last year when we had a new student begin at Medlin, Braeley was the first to show her around and make her feel welcomed. Braeley looked past this student’s physical disability and became a true friend. This year when our Medlin family experienced the loss of this particular beloved student, Braeley along with a couple of her classmates, stepped up to organize ways to honor and celebrate her life. As a Medlin community, we joined Braeley and her classmates one Sunday evening for a balloon release in this student’s honor.

Braeley is an exceptional 8th grader that has a pure heart for helping others in need. She is very humble and never looks for recognition for her good deeds. On average, Braeley volunteers 5-10 hours a week on top of her own cheerleading commitments, academic demands, and spending time with family and friends. She still manages to maintain A’s and B’s in all of her academic courses.

The 2015 Youth Citizen of the Year RECIPIENT:

Scott Hoppes – 17 years old

Scott is as leader, academically driven, and volunteers in many ways in our community. Scott is ranked 2nd in the senior class of 566.  His academics, school clubs, and athletics are only a part of what he excels in.  Scott is a member of the National Honor Society, National Math Honor Society, serving as Vice President as well as receiving the Byron Nelson “Lead” Motto Award his junior year.  This award is given to the top male and female student for exceptional leadership and character.  The “Lead” award, alone, exemplifies what type of person Scott Hoppes has become.

Scott is involved in football and has been on Varsity, playing offensive lineman for the past two seasons.  He also participates on the Academic UIL teams for math and science.  Scott is currently the President of the Future Business Leaders of America where he has advanced to National Competition in Chicago, after receiving 1st place in the state of Texas. Not only is Scott actively involved in clubs and athletics within our school, Scott has written for the school newspaper, participated in Anti-Bullying School Programs and performed in many theatre productions. 

Community Service and volunteering opportunities often fill Scott’s summers and weekends.  He volunteers as a counselor at his church’s Vacation Bible School every summer, where he works directly with children and their bible lessons.  He is also active in his church youth group, the Link Leader program at BNHS and he tutors students in calculus, pre-cal, algebra 2, physics and chemistry.

Scott truly is an exceptional young man that will make a mark on our world.  He sees the big picture.  He is well rounded, generous of his time, and works incredibly hard.  He is a born leader, who is persistent and his character shines through in all that he does.