Finance Department Receives PAFR Award

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Sep 26, 2016
Tags: Business, Community, Government, Transparency, Town News

The Finance Department got some great news in the mail this week from the Government Finance Officers Association! "A panel of independent reviewers has completed its examination of your Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR). We are pleased to notify you that your PAFR for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2015, has substantially met the requirements of the PAFR Program."  

View the full letter from GFOA  | View the certificate

Eligibility Requirements for the PAFR Program:

  • Reader Appeal – short, logical, easy to read, and descriptive graphics
  • Understandability – avoid jargon, chart/graph enhance data, narrative highlight, trend information, and avoids misrepresentation
  • Distribution – how well you distribute the information to your audience
  • Other – innovative, usefulness, and attractiveness