Trophy Club Fire Department Shares Fireplace Safety Information

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Jan 19, 2017
Tags: Community, Public Safety, Public Health, TCFD

We love our fireplaces on a cold winter’s night — the warmth, the crackle, the glow. But, do we always think about fireplace safety when we “start a fire in our homes?” The Trophy Club Fire Department gives us a quick reminder about carbon monoxide detectors and how to keep our families safe when we use our fireplaces.

Fireplace Safety Tips:

  • Aim to minimize the buildup of soot and creosote
  • Know that manufactured logs burn hotter than wood
  • Burn only wood or manufactured logs in the fireplace
  • Beware the roaring fire
  • Stack fireplace logs near the back of the hearth
  • Open teh damper before you light your fire
  • Open fireplace doors when fire is lit
  • Keep the area around the fireplace clear
  • Don’t leave a fire unattended
  • Open a window when you light a fire
  • Keep the mantel clear of hanging decorations
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in your home​