TCFD Update on Assistance in Houston Area

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Sep 02, 2017
Tags: Community, Public Safety, TCFD, Town News

It appears that the need for assistance in Houston is still very high and they are not demobilizing any assets. This means that the Trophy Club Fire Department will be rotating a new strike team to the Houston area on Monday, September 11. It is likely the new crew will stay in the Houston area for at least another week.

The crew that is currently in the area has been moved to the Southeast Volunteer Fire Department in an unincorporated part of Harris County. They were moved there due to their Advanced Life Support Engine (ALS Engine) capabilities to aid with both medical call and fire calls in the area. In their down time they have been assisting several locals with the removal of water from their homes.

TCFD appreciates the community's continued support and kind words on social media.