Recycling in Trophy Club - Pick Up Your Recycle Bin at Town Hall

Posted by Sherri Lewis on Jan 04, 2018

Trophy Club’s trash & recycle service provider is Republic Services.  They work hard to keep our community clean and provide the best service possible to TC residents.  Anytime you have an issue with trash or recycle collection, Republic Services (817.332.7301) is happy to take your call!  Please reach out to them as your trash & recycle concerns arise.  If Republic Services is unable to assist you, give Code Enforcement a call so that they may look into your concerns, 682.237.2921.


  • All recycle bins are provided by Republic Services per the Town’s contract with Republic Services.
  • Pick up your recycle bin at Town Hall, 1 Trophy Wood Drive.  Step inside and ask for as many bins as you need.
  • Discard old bins by leaving them at your curb with a note to “TAKE BIN”
  • Recycle on WINDY DAYS - Please place recycle bin lid or heavier weight recyclable material on top of your recyclables to help keep them in the bin.
  • Recycle on RAINY DAYS - Recyclables become contaminated (and must be thrown in the trash) if they get wet, so please use the recycle bin lid if rain is in the forecast.
  • It is at Republic Services’ discretion to pick up recycle items if they are not in the Republic Services bins that are provided at Town Hall.