Power Outage? Now What?

Posted by Jill Lind on Jul 19, 2018

Recently the town has experienced an increase in power outages affecting various areas and neighborhoods. 

Most power outages will be over almost as soon as they begin, but some can last longer. Drastic changes in temperatures like heat waves or cold snaps can overload the power system. Power outages can also be caused by freezing rain, sleet storms, high winds, and/or nearby construction which damage power lines and equipment. 

During a power outage, you may be left without heating/air conditioning, lighting, hot water, or even running water. Everyone has a responsibility to protect their homes and their families in these situations. You can greatly lessen the impact during a power outage by knowing what to do if you power goes out.   This involves three basic steps:

  1. Check to see if your neighbors still have power. 
  2. Check the Oncor Energy Outage Map or at www.stormcenter.oncor.com  to see if an outage has been reported. Type your address in the Search field to locate your area on the map.
  3. Check your breakers if you can do so safely. The outage may exist only in your home or business because of a blown fuse or a tripped circuit.
    (If you have checked your breakers and are still without power, 
    report the outage online or call 888.313.4747)

Remember to continue to check the Oncor outage map as information is sent from Oncor to the online outage map every 10 minutes. During times of high traffic on the site, the map may take more time to refresh.

We know that losing power can happen at the worst times and be a huge inconvenience.  It is especially dangerous as we enter into the high summer Texas temperatures.  Please remember to follow these steps and report your outage to Oncor directly.  And remember, always be prepared and be proactive.  

For more information about what to do during a power outage or how to be prepared, CLICK HERE