Child Passenger Safety Week Sept 24-28, 2018

Posted by Jill Lind on Aug 30, 2018

As parents and Firefighter/Paramedics, child safety is one of our biggest concerns, and one of the highest priorities is to ensure that children are riding safely in a vehicle. Most parents rely on common sense when installing child car seats and assume the child is safe, but they may be putting the child at risk every time they ride in the vehicle.

Two of our Firefighter/Paramedics have attended a Child Passenger Safety class to obtain a certification which allows them to correctly install a child car seat. The one week class consisted of both classroom education and hands-on practical training for installing all different types of child seats. The course was developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the certifying body is Safe Kids Worldwide. Certified Car Seat Technicians must complete Continuing Education and recertify every two years.

One of the most critical things learned in the class was that 4 out of 5 car seats are installed incorrectly. It is our objective to ensure that all children in our community are riding safely. By using a combination of information from the car seat owner’s manual, the vehicle owner’s manual and our training, we can accurately install car seats for children of all ages.

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