TC Service Awards

Posted by Jill Lind on Nov 12, 2018

The Town of Trophy Club hosted a special event for its most tenured employees who have dedicated themselves to the Town and its residents on Monday, November 12, 2018.   It’s a special event meant to honor and show the gratitude the leadership team has for their commitment to excellence and to the town.

“This group represents the finest attributes of our many administrative and public safety team members; long-term, dedicated, and exceptionally qualified public servants who work tirelessly on behalf of our residents and Council,” stated Town Manager Tom Class “I am exceeding proud of all they do and honored to stand beside them in the day to day service of our community.”

Each of these dedicated employees represents the core values of the organization and thanking them for their service to meet these core values in their everyday work is important.  In order to strategically meet the priorities and goals set in place by the Mayor and Town Council members, having a strong employee structure in place is imperative.  “Talent is never enough.  With few exceptions, the best players are the hardest workers” – Magic Johnson

Trophy Club Core Values:

We exercise integrity in upholding the highest ethical standards and promote trust and confidence in those we serve and serve with.

We work hard with dedication and respect for our residents and strive for excellence in the service of others.

We treat one another with respect and dignity, fostering a harmonious and cohesive environment that promotes well-being and happiness for all.

We take personal ownership of our decisions and actions, and strive to be fiscally and ethically responsible, transparent, and fully accountable to those we serve.

We lead by example with unwavering ethics, optimism, and a “can do” attitude, and rise above all challenges and work through adversity to inspire others.

Trophy Club Service Award Winners:

Bryan Glueck
Police Sergeant - 5 years of service

Sergeant Glueck has been with the Police Department for five years, he has worked hard to make the department a great place to work.  He continues to fit the profile of “Servant Leader” and all that goes along with it. – Patrick Arata, Chief of Police

Barry Sullivan
Police Officer - 10 years of service

Barry Sullivan has been an Officer that always has the agency’s best interest in mind and is mindful of the integrity of law enforcement overall.  He helps make this a safe place to live.  Officer Sullivan is the Departments K9 officer and a member of the Hostage negotiation team. – Patrick Arata, Chief of Police

Stephen Zieverink
Network Support Specialist - 10 years of service

Steve Zieverink has been with the Town for over 10 years now and has shown excellent teamwork, service and stewardship for the organization.  He goes above and beyond and tries to plan for today and the following lifecycle.  He has been involved in countless “other duties as assigned” and taking over unwanted projects just so they will be done. Thank you for 10 years of service and hopefully more to come. – Mike Pastor, IS Manager

Matthew Tackett
Firefighter Paramedic - 10 years of service

Matt Tackett embodies our Core Value of Accountability in the way he owns the medical supply inventory and ordering for our department.  Matt is self-motivated to be fiscally responsible and serves with great integrity.  Because of this, Matt is a good Marine and firefighter. – Wade Carroll, Fire Chief

Donnie Hurd
Fire Captain - 15 years of service

Donnie Hurd is a great steward for the citizens of Trophy Club and the fire department.  Due to Donnie’s many years of experience, he is able to balance his many duties as shift captain and many of our operational certification programs.  He heads up our vehicle maintenance program and there have been many times where he has fixed mechanical issues himself rather than send equipment out for service saving the department time and money. – Wade Carroll, Fire Chief

Dusten Hards
Firefighter Engineer - 15 years of service

Dusten passionately serves the citizens of Trophy Club, his crew, this department, and his family with a servant’s attitude.  I have seen him go above and beyond here at work but more importantly, he puts his family before himself.  He loves his family very much and is a great father and leader of his household and on his shift. – Wade Carroll, Fire Chief